What Are Some Of The Flowers You Can Gift Your Mother?

What Are Some Of The Flowers You Can Gift Your Mother?
What Are Some Of The Flowers You Can Gift Your Mother?

Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to mothers. Every mother deserves the best of the entire world and flowers are the closest to heaven. A fresh bouquet is sure to lift the mood and set the mood for the rest of the day.

Here are some flowers that look and feel great and will mesmerize not only your mother but everyone else at home!

But first, when exactly is Mother’s Day celebrated?

The second Sunday of May every year is celebrated as Mother’s Day throughout the world. This day is celebrated specially to signify the importance of mothers in our lives.

This day is a great opportunity to showcase the love and respect we all have for our mothers and gifting flowers is a great way to do so! You can also gift them to any woman in your life to show them appreciation.

Different flowers and what do they mean

Flowers are one of the best Mother’s Day gifts online and the most optimistic and go-to gifts for giving not only mothers but pretty much anyone. Here are the different flowers and the significance they hold in life.


Roses are the greatest symbol of love and affection, no matter the kind of love you want to show. The red flower is a symbol of passionate love, the one you feel for your lover.

Just like the red coloured roses represent love filled with passion, the other colours of roses symbolise different things. Read on what each colour stands for and its importance.

Pink roses

Pink roses are the symbol of deeply felt gratitude and admiration. Giving a bouquet of pink roses to your mother will show her how much you mean to her!

Yellow roses

Yellow roses symbolise friendship and devotion! Giving yellow roses will let your mother know that you consider her as your best friend and you are close to her and care for her.

White roses

As pure as the white colour, these white roses are a symbol of pure and unadulterated love. Gift these flowers to your mother to show your unconditional love to her.

Roses have symbolised different forms of love for ages and giving a bunch of roses to your mother will show her all your love!


Two types of lilies are available in the market today. The white lilies represent motherhood whereas the calla lilies are a stamp of true beauty. Both of these flowers are used for decoration. 

Some lilies are available in a few pastel colours. Gift a bouquet of different coloured lilies to your mum and see her glow with happiness. Another great reason to gift lilies is that these flowers last longer as compared to other flowers.


In ancient times, orchids were the most common gifts given to anyone. Since that time, these flowers are rare to get hold of and therefore, make for very unique gifts for the person receiving them.

According to Chinese traditions, orchids stand as a symbol for ‘many children and also represents thoughtfulness and beauty.

Orchids come in various shades of pink and purple. Pink represents love and grace whereas purple stands for royalty and respect. Both of these flowers stand for all the things meant to be a prime in every mother’s life.


If you are not wanting to give any other flower, the best option is to gift a bouquet of carnations. These flowers symbolise eternal love and are the best flowers to gift your mother on Mother’s Day!

Another great floral option is for people who are always in doubt!

The mixed flower bouquet

If you aren’t aware of what your mother likes or you are pretty indecisive, the best option is to go for a flower bouquet that consists of a variety of flowers.

You can consult your florist and he will suggest the best flowers to add to the flowers. Some very popular flowers for gifting on Mother’s Day include 

· Daisies

· Peonies

· Hydrangeas

Give her a mix of these flowers in pastel shades and your mother will appreciate it the most!

Show your mother the love and respect on this special day! These flowers for Mother’s Day will surely make her day all the more precious.
You can also go for a Mother’s Day cake online delivery along with the flowers and amp up the entire day!