Love is a felling that you cannot keep secret


Love is a special felling that every one of us experience. You should be aware of how to tell if someone is hiding their feelings for you to start a healthy relation.  Feelings may be noticeable at times, but they may not be at other times. This might lead us to wonder if anyone has romantic feelings for us. There can be different signs someone is hiding their feelings for you. Also, check out the health benefits of F95Zone

It’s understandable that some women would prefer to keep their feelings secret from their male mates. Look for the signs someone is hiding their feelings for you. It is just a matter of knowing the situation, being transparent and honest with one another, and scheduling time to work things out together in a way that meets all of their needs. It is difficult if you are hiding feelings for someone.

Signs that confirms that someone is hiding their feelings

They will shower you with affection and compliments

Is he or she complementary to your personality, dress style, musical preferences, and so on? Do compliments really mean anything? When it comes to relationships, a person’s attitude plays a big role in whether or not they like you, so pay attention to how they interact with you. You should be aware of that signs someone is hiding their feelings for you. It is important to note that just because someone compliments you doesn’t mean they like you romantically. Important thing to note is to know what are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you. It also doesn’t mean that if anyone doesn’t compliment you, they aren’t interested in you or don’t like you. Some people just don’t know how to praise or are reluctant to do so in this one of the best health blogs.

They appears anxious around you

 The first indication that she might be concealing her feelings for you is that she appears nervous while she is near you can be considered as signs someone is hiding their feelings for you. Have you noticed something odd about her recent behavior, particularly when you’re alone or with other friends? She may seem nervous, or she may be unsure of how to respond to you or what to say, for example. This may all be telltale signs that she has feelings for you but is unsure how to express them. She may be afraid of being rejected or of your reaction.

They talk about you in their social circle.

Some women who have hidden feelings for a man close to them in their lives would tell their closest girlfriends or best friend about him. This makes it easier to tell how to tell if someone is hiding their feelings for you. This may even be unintentional on their part! It will make things a lot simpler if you share your social network with her, as this will aid in the investigation! You might have also recently been in the vicinity of a particular discussion about you and come to know about hiding feelings for someone.  

They send sexy text messages

There are more indicators that she is concealing her feelings from you if she/he seems to be sending you messages in a flirtatious tone than one might expect from a friend? Do you have the sneaking suspicion that her messages contain an underlying message that she is trying to say something without saying it? This is a common tactic used by girls to conceal their emotions, and it’s pretty easy to spot. Another thing to consider is the messaging frequency like does she seems to prefer to message you in the evenings and weekends, or first thing in the morning. All these things help you to understand other feelings. 

They will demonstrate that they care for you

How to tell if someone is hiding their feelings for you can be a difficult task.  When anyone is concerned about your well-being, it may be an indication that they are concerned about you and how you are doing or feeling. It can be subtle things that are easily mistaken with a loving relationship, but if you notice that they go out of their way to check up on you, it’s likely that they are hiding feelings for someone or it can be you. 

They will pay close attention to you.

Are they inviting you out on a daily basis, calling and messaging you, and telling your mates about you? If you answered yes, then it appears that a foundation relationship has already been formed. Attention is the best predictor of a crush, lust, or desire. Consider what are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you and go for a conclusion regarding your love status. All you need to know about someone is shown by what they do and how they behave around you. Remember to look with your eyes rather than your heart while observing.

They’ll make excuses to spend time with you alone

When anyone has feelings for you, it’s a given that they’ll want to spend the majority of their time with you, as this will lead to romantic opportunities. These are among the signs she is hiding her feelings for you. They could invite you to hang out after school or ask for assistance with homework. Set up a date if you suspect someone likes you and you like them back. Invite them over for a drink and see what happens. You’ll soon realize how emotionally invested this person is in you, and you’ll be able to determine whether or not you want to pursue a relationship with them.


You’d have to be very good at reading people’s body language and inadvertent cues to know about signs she is hiding her feelings for you This is possible, but it will take time. Small shifts in facial musculature, stress around the brow, and a variety of other incongruent expressions can all contribute to you seeing someone’s true feelings. You must, however, learn to calibrate. The schemas (body language rules/patterns) that are used or practiced can be flipped in some situations or just because – and the only way to find out is to learn how to ask specific questions and get to know about their feelings.