How Does Depreciation Impact Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

How Does Depreciation Impact Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Depreciation is used in the insurance industry to describe the rate at which your insurer calculates the value reduction of an insured vehicle due to wear and tear, ageing, etc. Your bike’s Insured Declared Value (IDV), which varies for each model, determines the depreciation rate. Additionally, the depreciation rate of a vehicle increases with age. Now, check all aspects of your bike insurance by checking your bike insurance app.

How Will The Insured Declared Value (IDV) Be Determined?

IDV is calculated using the vehicle’s current market value, not the price you paid to buy it. IDV value changes over time. It would help if you insured it as soon as you purchase your two-wheeler to receive the maximum IDV. As a result, the IDV and bike insurance premiums will be lower the older the vehicle. The formula below is used to calculate IDV:

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is equal to (Current Market Value of the Bike – Depreciation Cost of the Bike) plus (Cost of Accessories – Depreciation Cost of the Accessories). ##

What Impact Does Depreciation Have On The Cost Of Insurance Premiums?

The rate of depreciation decreases as the age of your two-wheeler increases. The total amount your insurer will pay you for the harm done to your car in an accident is the Insured Declared Value (IDV). Instead of the vehicle’s purchase price, it is based on its market value. 

Rate Of Your Bike’s Depreciation

A third-party bike insurance plan covers all financial and legal obligations for the third party during a road accident. It is the minimum requirement for bike owners in India. Therefore, having this plan becomes crucial for all bike owners. However, your premium for this plan depends on the depreciation rate. #

Rate Of Depreciation According To The Age Of The Bike

Age of the BikeRate of Depreciation in %
Less than 6 months old0%
Between 6 months – 1 year5%
Between 1 – 2 years10%
Between 2 – 3 years15%
Between 3 – 4 years25%
Between 4 – 5 years35%
Between 5 – 10 years40%
More than 10 years old50%

Rate Of Depreciation According To The Bike Parts

Bike PartsRate of Depreciation in %
Rubber/plastic/nylon parts of the bike50%
Batteries, tyres and tubes of the bike50%
Fibreglass parts30%

What Does Bikes’ Zero-Depreciation Cover Mean?

Bikes with zero depreciation add-on coverage can reduce depreciation-related costs. As the name implies, this add-on cover can be purchased by paying an additional premium. Additionally, your insurer will pay for the losses or damages with a zero-depreciation add-on. Make sure you carry out the online bike insurance renewal process on time. An app for bike insurance can help you keep track of this. *

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